What Are The Difference Between Natural Vitamins And Minerals And Bottled Supplements

Vitamins and minerals are very important to the human body in order to get good health and long life. The increase in consciousness towards healthy living has made it more evident as baby boomers come of age and focus heavily on their health. The health and wellness industry has developed in recent years and is holding a trillion dollar industry now.

Food and vitamin supplements abound, which promises everything from losing weight to gaining more energy and living a longer life. There is so much hype with these products that people tend to forget natural vitamins and minerals they can obtain from proper food and diet and pop whatever vitamin pills or food supplements they have as replacement for sensible eating.

The Benefits of Natural Vitamins and Minerals

In a hurried world, people fore go consuming health and natural foods and opt to substitute with pills and capsules. Attribute this to the amazing health claims food supplement companies have about their products. What these people do not realize is that it is a lot better to get natural vitamins and minerals from fresh and natural foods.

* Fresh foods are good primary source of natural vitamins and minerals which can benefit the body regarding efficiency and taste.

* Even food and vitamin supplements that are sold as the best vitamins and minerals are in danger of being washed out from the body and not fully absorbed into the blood stream. Non-absorption of the nutrients can be caused by solubility issues or because the body cannot readily and quickly absorb quick doses of vitamins and minerals.

* With foods offering natural vitamins and minerals, you can also get good nutrition as these foods are consumed by the body in a natural way that is both filling and enjoyable.

* Vitamin and mineral supplements are manufactured with fillers and binders that are used to hold the active materials together. On top of this, capsules and tablets are coated with materials that are not beneficial to the body and will just be discarded and not used. With natural vitamins and minerals obtained from foods, the human body will make use of the fibers that are intrinsic parts of fruits and vegetables.

* People taking vitamin supplements who are always in a hurry will most likely combine supplements and this act will result in each supplement counteracting the effectiveness of the vitamins and minerals that these supplements have. With foods providing natural vitamins and minerals, a combination would come as a welcome act as the combination of various natural foods can result to a tasty and flavorful nutritious meal that even children may enjoy.

Taking food supplements can provide certain levels of nutrition, but there are certain disadvantages as compared to the benefits of obtaining natural vitamins and minerals through healthy and natural foods.

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